Little Munchkins get funding boost

​A community centre club in a remote Lincolnshire village will be able to continue providing its services for mums and little ones thanks to a successful funding boost.
Aaliyah Murphy-Ives, Peyton Sargeant, and volunteer toddler leader, Ann Scarboro of Munchkins.Aaliyah Murphy-Ives, Peyton Sargeant, and volunteer toddler leader, Ann Scarboro of Munchkins.
Aaliyah Murphy-Ives, Peyton Sargeant, and volunteer toddler leader, Ann Scarboro of Munchkins.

​Munchkins – a baby, toddler and carers club – is held every Wednesday morning at Mareham-Le-Fen Community Centre for families and little ones to come together and have fun, and to build friendships.

The group was originally in existence before the Covid-19 pandemic, but resident Victoria Fleet, a mum of four, realised last year that there was no provision in the village for young children.

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"I remember when I had young children and how isolating it can be,” she said, “It’s so important for parents and grandparents to be able to come together and have fun and for the children to be able to play.

"Parents are so busy now they don’t have the time to set something like this up, so now my children are either at secondary school or left school, I was compelled to help.”

And so, with the blessing of the original trustees, Munchkins was relaunched in September 2023, and after a successful first trial period which saw between 12 to 14 families sign up for the group, Victoria applied to Platform’s Community Chest for funding to help pay the hall hire and other expenses.

Platform customers and local charities, clubs and other not-for-profit organisations to apply for if their work or project directly benefits Platform customers; all applications are assessed against specific eligibility criteria by customers who sit on its Customer Experience Panel, and Munchkins received £1,234.

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The funding means the club can continue to provide its services to the local community for the next 12 months.

Victoria said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this grant from Platform Housing Group. We are situated in a remote community in Lincolnshire.

"Our club not only benefits the babies and toddlers in our area but also their carers, parents and grandparents who can feel isolated and alone. Our group offers an opportunity for them to all come together and feel more connected.”

Marion Duffy, Chief Operations Officer at Platform Housing Group said: “Bringing people together adds real value to local communities, particularly in remote areas like Mareham-Le-Fen.

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"We are delighted to support this group in bring people of all ages together.”

Munchkins is held in Mareham-Le-Fen Community Centre every Wednesday from 9am to 11am.

If anyone would be interested in sponsoring Munchkins or helping with funding, contact Victoria by emailing [email protected] or calling 07740307283.

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