LIVES Community Responder attends his 2,000th emergency

A LIVES Community First Responder has been praised for attending 2,000 medical emergencies for the Lincolnshire charity.

Bill Barber who first joined LIVES more than 10 years ago, has been a dedicated volunteer who has progressed to now be at Level 4, which means he can attend some of the most serious medical emergencies, including those involving children and infants.

A decade on, Bill explains he first decided to join LIVES after an incident with a friend.

He said: "A good friend of mine had two mini strokes on the same day in October 2010.

Bill Barber

"As I had always been interested in the medical world, this was the push that started my LIVES career.

"After applying in November 2010, I qualified as a Community First Responder a few months later in January 2011.

“To do 2,000 jobs for LIVES is a great honour and achievement. It is a great feeling to have had the opportunity to meet all of these people in their time of need.

"Along this journey, I have met so many fantastic pre-hospital colleagues, including our own LIVES medics and Community First Responders.”

Nikki Cooke, CEO at LIVES, said: “Bill is the ultimate LIVES responder. He's someone who's always there to help.

“We've received so many messages of praise and thanks for Bill from patients, families and colleagues that we've lost count.

"Bill has been there for so many people over the years and it is only right that we recognise this and the incredible achievement of attending 2,000 emergencies on behalf of LIVES.

“Thank you, Bill.”