Looking back to the Rasen Mail of 1906 ...

Heading back to the Rasen Mail of almost 120 years ago, it was clear to see why local malt kilns were being kept busy.
1902 Rasen Footballers EMN-200527-1457000011902 Rasen Footballers EMN-200527-145700001
1902 Rasen Footballers EMN-200527-145700001

February of that year saw magistrates renew a number of alehouse and beerhouse licences.

The sitting reported on in the Rasen Mail of February 10 showed applications were granted as follows:

Robert Fletcher - Aston Arms, Market Rasen; David James - Swan Inn, Market Rasen; Henry P Chapman - Gordon Arms Hotel, Market Rasen; Henry Fuller - Greyhound Inn, Market Rasen; Caroline F Smith - White Hart Hotel, Market Rasen; Thomas Fountain - King’s Head Inn, Market Rasen; Charles Wilson - Railway Hotel, Market Rasen; Sarah Flintham - George Inn, Market Rasen; John Henry Knott - White Lion Inn, Market Rasen; Elizabeth Meanwell - Marquis of Granby Inn, Binbrook; Charles C Reed - Plough Inn, Binbrook; William T Houghton - Nag’s Head Inn, Middle Rasen; John Clarke - King’s Head Inn, Tealby; George Chafer - Crown Inn, Kirkby cum Osgodby; William Phillipson - Brownlow Arms, Faldingworth; John Brumpton - Yarborough Arms, Market Rasen; Charles Burrell - Brown Cow, Middle Rasen; John Heath - Coach and Horses, Faldingworth; George Walker - Crown Inn, Tealby; Wallis B Jevons - King Street, Market Rasen (off); Thomas B Dawson - Binbrook (off); Frederick D Mundy - Market Place, Market Rasen (off); Richard R Cary - Market Place, Market Rasen (off).


Wesleyan Band of Hope

On Tuesday evening a magic lantern exhibition was given to the members of the Wesleyan Band of Hope by Mr Hill, the town missionary.

The principal views were descriptive of ‘John Ploughman’s talk’, and were explained by Mr J Surfleet.

Humorous and other views were also shown, and an interesting evening was spent.

Knights of the road

At the Police Court on Saturday, before W Campbell Esq, Ernest Dobson, John Owen, Charles Coleman and WM Rogers, four ‘knights of the road’, were each sentenced to 14 days hard labour at Lincoln for begging at Swallow on Saturday last.

PC Barnes was the interested officer.

Before the same magistrate on Wednesday, Frank Herrod, another ‘knight’, was also sent to Lincoln for 14 days for begging at Caistor on Tuesday.

PC Bursnall was the officer concerned.


Not 1906, but we have this picture in our archives from 1902, which was printed in an edition of the Market Rasen Mail in 1956. It shows the Market Rasen Young Men’s Institute Football Club of 1902.

Can anyone fill in the missing first names?

Back row: from left - C E Limon, Hector King, Bob Barr, Vincent Booth, Walter Casterton, Bert Campsell.

Middle row: from left - Sid Wolf, F Chesman, ? Sparrow, Dick Ranyard.

Front row: from left - Harry Warren, George Wolf, Nickie Dixon, Albert Creasey, ? Redhead.

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