Looking back to the Rasen Mail of 1978 ...

A round-up of stories making the pages of the Market Rasen Mail 42 years ago...
Market Rasen Mail 1978 EMN-200615-075743001Market Rasen Mail 1978 EMN-200615-075743001
Market Rasen Mail 1978 EMN-200615-075743001

February 25, 1978


Market Rasen and Louth’s rugby team was due to travel to Yorkshire at the weekend on a short weekend tour, but the atrocious weather conditions forced its cancellation.

The team was to play fixtures in Ilkley and Leeds, but several inches of snow were reported on the pitches on Thursday making play impossible.

The tour is to be rearranged for later in the season.

March 4, 1978

Rasen boundaries

Market Rasen councillors feel that areas of Caistor Road and Walesby Road should be within Rasen parish and not Middle Rasen parish.

Part of the recently issued Parish Review states that it is possible to modify a boundary if built-up areas overlap and this clause may be just what members are looking for to bring the two roads within Market Rasen.

Clerk Mr Don Williams said at Wednesday’s monthly meeting that Walesby Road and Caistor Road have everything to do with Market Rasen even though they are within Middle Rasen parish.

Coun Terry Buckle pointed out that the council might not get another chance to get the two areas incorporated and he suggested that they ‘throw in the pebble’ and see what sort of ripple develops.

“It’s what the residents want that really matters,” he remarked.

Town mayor Coun Sid Langford said he thought 99% of the householders would rather live within a Market Rasen parish boundary.

April 8, 1978

Civic Society

Moves are afoot to form a Civic Society in Caistor with representation coming from many of the town’s organisations.

A meeting was held this week with the initial object of forming a steering committee to create the society.

Mr Robbie Burns was elected chairman and it was then decided to approach representatives of other organisations with a view to organising a public meeting in the future.

Those who attended Tuesday’s meeting felt that Caistor had great potential but effort and planning was needed to make sure that many of the buildings don’t fall in to a state of ill repair.

Playing field

It seems likely that the new three-acre field off Mill Road will soon be open.


Demolition work was being carried out in Market Rasen’s Mill Street 42 years ago.

This picture from the Market Rasen Mail of February 25, 1978, shows the work well underway.

The row of cottages was being knocked down after the site was purchased by West Lindsey District Council.