Louth Academy: Pupil permanently excluded after being found in possession of a knife

The Principal of Louth Academy has confirmed that a pupil has been ‘permanently excluded’ after being found in possession of a knife on the school premises.

Louth Academy (stock image)
Louth Academy (stock image)

This morning (Monday), Philip Dickinson, Principal of Louth Academy, told the Leader: “Louth Academy takes the safety and security of the children in its care very seriously.

“The Academy has a zero tolerance policy on knives, and any student intentionally bringing a knife into the Academy is permanently excluded.

“On Friday, a student was found to be in possession of a knife on the school premises and the student was dealt with in line with the academy behaviour policy. The incident did not involve anyone else.”

Mr Dickinson’s statement follows claims on social media that the pupil in question had not been dealt with appropriately by the school, and simply had the knife confiscated without any further action.

In response, some parents commented that they intended to contact the school and protest at the school gates, while others suggesting they would temporarily keep their child at home.

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