Louth carer encourages others to help people with learning disabilities and autism

The Assistant Locality Manager at the Louth branch of ‘Dimensions’ - one of the UK’s largest not-for-profits supporting people with learning disabilities and autism - is encouraging people to come forward and join the care sector.
Hollie ChambersHollie Chambers
Hollie Chambers

Hollie Chambers, 33, is primarily responsible for supporting 13 people with learning disabilities and autism in Louth to live a great life.

With job vacancies rising drastically during the pandemic, the care sector has been hit with a severe staffing shortfall - but Hollie argues that the sector can offer the rewarding and dynamic career path many crave.

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Hollie, who has worked for Dimensions since 2012, explained: “I have always loved working with people and making a difference to their lives, so the care sector seemed like a perfect fit!

“I have always wanted a career with variety and certainly found that at Dimensions – no two days are the same!

“Ever since I joined, I haven’t looked back and continue to love the work I do and all the people we support. Coming into work every day feels like joining my family rather than working.

“Making a difference to people’s lives has always been my motivation for working in social care. The best thing about my job is definitely the people we support – their thanks and smiles are endlessly rewarding.”

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One of the most fulfilling parts of Hollie’s role is helping people accomplish their personal goals.

Hollie said: “For example, one lady we supported hadn’t been swimming for 18 years. We worked with the local leisure centre to help her get back in the water and it was unimaginably rewarding to see the smile on her face.

“Another moment which has always stuck with me is when we helped a young man move into his own property. It was so amazing to see him grow more independent.

“As well as these bigger milestones, it is also so fulfilling to be able to see the difference that our daily interactions can have. One gentleman gets so excited when we arrive that he bounces up and down with happiness.

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“Another gentleman’s mum told us that he wouldn’t talk to people but, following our support, he will now sit and have conversations.

“Our small everyday interactions can have such a significant impact on people’s lives.”

Like with so many industries, the social care sector has faced challenges due to the pandemic, but Hollie and her colleagues have been committed to working hard to make sure nobody suffered as a result.

However, following the severe staffing shortfall that has hit the sector, Hollie hopes that other people will step forward and consider a career in social care.

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Hollie said: “I couldn’t recommend enough a career in social care! Every day is different, and you learn so much all the time from those who we support.

“Even if it has been one of your toughest days you are guaranteed to go home with a smile on your face after seeing the joy that you have brought into people’s lives.

“The rewards you get in this job are unlike any others you may find in other careers and make it all worthwhile.

“There are also a lot of opportunities to further your career progression in the care sector which a lot of people don’t often consider.

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“My organisation, Dimensions, is fantastic at helping you achieve your personal goals and develop your training.

“During my time with Dimensions, I have gone from being a Support Worker, to Lead Support Worker, and finally an Assistant Locality Manager. The possibilities for progression and variety are endless.”

Hollie concludes: “I think that the importance of social care is evident in the effect we can have on people’s lives.

“Everything that we do empowers people to become more independent and have more choices in their lives.

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“I am still proud of the impact we have on people and that is why I have stayed at Dimensions ever since 2012!”

• Visit https://www.dimensionscareers.co.uk for more information about Dimensions and the opportunities available.