Louth man ‘to repay over £450’ after stealing electric toothbrushes

A Louth man will have to repay more than £450 to a town centre store after he admitted stealing two expensive electric toothbrushes.

Boston Magistrates' Court.

Gary John Cartwright, 43, of Northgate, who admitted the offence at Boston Magistrates’ Court last week, was said to have activated store alarms at Boots at 2.35pm on March 22 when he stole the toothbrushes.

When CCTV images were examined, he could be seen going into the store and stealing them.

He told officers when he was arrested that he had been short of money and had sold the toothbrushes.

Mitigating, Gordon Holt said Cartwright had a long standing problem with drugs and then in March his benefit claim had been suspended and he ran out of money.

He said he had run into Boots, grabbed the toothbrushes, which were close to the door, and ran out and sold them to tide himself over.

Cartwright was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £459 compensation to Boots, as well as £105 in costs and charges.