Louth poet's work published in Ukraine fundraiser book

A poignant poem by a Louth poet is one of three Lincolnshire writers’ work to be published in a book created to raise money for Ukraine.
Hope for Ukraine, published by Tim Saunders Publications.Hope for Ukraine, published by Tim Saunders Publications.
Hope for Ukraine, published by Tim Saunders Publications.

Anew charity book of poetry and short stories celebrating Ukraine – ‘Hope for Ukraine’ – has been published with proceeds being donated to the Sunflower of Peace Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the horrific invasion by providing medical and humanitarian aid and helping paramedics and doctors in the areas affected by the violence.

One of the poets whose work has been included in the book is Michael Stichbury, from Louth, who submitted his poem ‘Troubles’, which describes the troubles ongoing in Ukraine, which you can read below.Hope for Ukraine is published by Tim Saunders Publications.

“Publishing this book is the best way that I can help Ukraine,” said Mr Saunders. “Words are extremely powerful. Positive words even more so.

"It took me a while to decide what I could do to help and did consider other fundraising initiatives but for me nothing was as powerful as art and literature. Then I thought about how many of us in the west are guilty of taking hope and freedom for granted.

"These two themes have become the focus of this book. I have been overwhelmed by the interest in this publication from the media as well as from poets, writers and artists.

"I thought Michael's poem was very clever and an enjoyable read.”


Troubles come in packs of three

Troubles for you and troubles for me

And one for somebody you cannot see

Oh, if only we could all be trouble free.

The cause of troubles is not hard to find

Sometimes over some papers signed

But not read nor underlined

Those bits that into the dust will grind.

But that's not the only cause – agreed

Troubles come from aught but greed

For somebody else's plans that lead

To take your gold and lands that feed.

In that far off land – Ukraine

Where peaceful folk tend their terrain

A terrible neighbour thinks it reigns

Over their land with claims insane.

But thanks to Lyse and Orla and their friends

Daily – no by the minute - reports they send

Of troubles on troubles - of atrocities condemned

Telling us that Ukrainians just will not bend.

Note this if you will

Troubles is roubles with a T

Now isn't that just strange?

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