Louth Run For Life launches safe event for 2020

This summer would have seen the 15th annual Louth Run for Life, a 1k and 5k fun run starting in Louth town centre.

The Louth Run For Life committee has devised a safe event for 2020.

Since the impact of Covid-19 has forced mass participation events to stop, the committee has adapted to make this event safe for all those who want to get involved.

As previously reported, the Louth Run for Life committee was saddened at having to cancel this year’s Run for Life. Undeterred, members were still keen to provide an event for their supporters to get behind.

The ‘Louth Run for 5’ takes the element of their annual run but allows participants to complete this in their own time and at their own pace.

The usual Louth Run for Life has grown in popularity over the years from the first race featuring 300 participants, and now seeing an average attendance of over 1,400.

Ben Petts, Cancer Research UK’s senior local fundraising manager for Lincolnshire, said: “The Louth Run for 5 is allowing members of the public to still get their Run for Life fix in a safe and socially distanced way.

“What makes this event different is that members of the same family can now choose to complete their 5k together. We’re encouraging members of the public to sign up before the 1st of September and to complete their 5k by the end of September.”

Simon West, chair of the Louth Run for Life committee, said: “Our amazing supporters were extremely disappointed about the cancellation of our event, but understood it was the right thing to do in the current climate.

“We are pleased to be able to bring a safe event that lets people run at a time and place convenient to them. Friends and relatives can run at the same time in different places, wherever they are, whilst still raising money to provide vital research into cancer.”

Ben continued: “Covid-19 has hit Cancer Research UK hard, clinical trials have been postponed and fundraising has fallen, so we’ve had to put much of our research on hold. One in two people will get cancer, which is why we are dedicated to continuing our life-saving research.”

The Louth Run for 5 will take place throughout Sept-ember, allowing the public to sign up from this week.

Register online at www.cruk.org.uk/LouthRunFor5. Entry is £5 for children (12 and under) and £10 for adults.