Louth Scooterists endure Teeside race

Louth’s scooterists have taken part in a national race which saw them ridingfor six hours straight.

From left: Nick Prince, Owen Koslow, Martin Grantham and Wayne Barker.
From left: Nick Prince, Owen Koslow, Martin Grantham and Wayne Barker.

Louth Scooterists was set up by Wayne Barker and Berwyn Jones in 2008 as a way for scooterists in Louth and the surrounding areas to ride their scooters collectively instead of as individuals.

Riding under the team name of Spire Tarmac Terriers and sponsored by My Father's Moustache Soul Club, The Kings Head Hotel and hobbyists Robbie’s Hobbies, they compete in scooter endurance racing all over the country and in Europe, and they began riding in competitive races three years ago.

Wayne said: “We’d been riding all over Europe and decided we wanted to do something different, and we started taking part in endurance races.”

From lft: Wayne Barker, Owne Koslow, Martin Grantham and Nick Prince. Photo: Lee Hollick

The Spire Tarmac Terriers were one of 32 teams who took part in their latest race last weekend, with members Wayne, Owen Koslow and Nick Prince competing in the British Scooter Endurance Club’s Six Hour Endurance at Teeside Autodrome in Middlesborough, with fellow member Martin Grantham in the pits for them.

In races such as these, there are four categories – club races, road races, racing and professional races – with the Spire Tarmac Terriers competing in the club race event.

Teams competing in the club races must have a minimum of three and maximum five members, with each rider competing for no more than 45 minutes at a time before swapping with another member, and the teams went through the qualifying rounds to get through to the finals.

Wayne said: “We all lined up and started in tenth place, and then we moved up to sixth and were in second place for a time and in the lead when another team had a crash, but we ended up finishing third in our race and in fifth overall, we were really pleased.”

Owen Koslow in action for the team. Photo: Lee Hollick

The race at Teeside Autodrome was also streamed live on YouTube, which you can still watch by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcJ3QCNKBjs

Anyone wishing to get involved, or to find out more about the Louth Scooterists can call Wayne on 07958 340678.

You can also request to join their dedicated Facebook group at https://m.facebook.com/groups/louth-scooterists-569372509787547/