Louth town councillor resigns due to personal reasons

A Louth town councillor has resigned from the council due to ‘personal reasons’.
Louth Town Council's headquarters in Eastgate.Louth Town Council's headquarters in Eastgate.
Louth Town Council's headquarters in Eastgate.

Alex Cox, who was one of three councillors representing St Margaret’s Ward, said he made the decision “with a heavy heart” in order to spend more time “concentrating on [his] family and what is important during these challenging times we live in”.

In a statement to the Town Clerk and the press, Mr Cox explained: “I wish my fellow councillors all the best with their future endeavours. I feel strongly that each and every one of them serve their community well in their own way.

“As the youngest councillor aged 33, I would strongly encourage young people, especially local business owners to apply for the upcoming vacancy, with no political affiliation. Parish councils are not the place for party politics.

Alex Cox has resigned from Louth Town Council.Alex Cox has resigned from Louth Town Council.
Alex Cox has resigned from Louth Town Council.

“Working together, [the town council] can be a beacon of hope to those who have suffered immensely during lockdown restrictions and tough times that may be ahead.”

In an additional statement this week, Mr Cox added: “Time and unity is precious, not division. The government wish for us to fight over race, religion, gender and war.

“Regardless of opinions over the virus, the government’s rule and war on the people is about divisions and separation.

“If one thing covid has done, it has created a further branch of hate between one another.

“We are played off against each other by the media and the tabloids owned by the rich and powerful.

“I am guilty for falling into this negative trap. I just happen to have been on the opposing ‘side’.

“Again, this government relish in us choosing sides. We shouldn’t be arguing about this or blaming one another.

“We should be blaming the corporations, the media and the rich and powerful politicians who have manipulated us into fighting for so long.

“What’s important now is putting our families first and preparing for a more difficult and troubling world in which we live in, doing what is morally right, and calling out what is wrong.

Louth will need unity and hope in the coming months ahead.

“Political fighting on Louth Town Council serves no purpose. I wish each and every resident of Louth the best of Christmases”

Town clerk, Lynda Phillips, confirmed to the Leader that Mr Cox’s resignation has been formalised and the district council has been informed.

Further information about any upcoming byelection or co-option will be announced by the council in due course.

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