Louth woman ‘blew her lid’ after baby clothes thrown on driveway

A court has heard that a Louth woman ‘blew her lid’ when the mother of her grandchild threw some baby clothes, which she had given her as a gift, onto her driveway.

Court news

Sarah Smith, 34, of Keddington Crescent, admitted threatening and abusive behaviour when she appeared before magistrates in Boston on October 27.

Prosecuting, Andy Convoy said that at 11.30am on July 23, the victim went to Smith’s home - together with a friend and her baby in a pram - and threw Smith’s gift of baby clothes onto the driveway.

He said Smith opened the door and shouted and swore at her, and made threats, before going round to the victim’s home where she kicked the door of a car on the driveway, as well as her front door and trying to rip the front door bell off the wall.

He said that when she was interviewed by the police, she said that she ‘blew her lid’ and admitted to aggressive behaviour.

Mitigating, David Eager said the victim was the mother of Smith’s grandchild but she didn’t know why she had returned the gift of baby clothes, nor why she had thrown them onto the driveway with ‘contempt’.

He said ‘one thing led to another’ and she had ‘let herself down in the street’.

She was fined £120 and ordered to pay a total of £119 in court costs and charges.