Mablethorpe Town Crier David Summers said The Queen's death is "great loss to the country"

Her Majesty the QueenHer Majesty the Queen
Her Majesty the Queen
Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea, Trusthorpe and Sandilands Town Crier David Summers has said The Queen's death is "great loss to the country".

Mr Summers, a member of the Guild of Town Criers and the Loyal Company of Town Criers, said: "As guilds we show our respect to the Queen after each cry, saying “God Save The Queen”, and we feel as a body, her loss is a great loss to the country, and our thoughts are with her family.”

Any cries performed by town criers across the country will now show respect to new King Charles III, with the words “God Save The King”.

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Mr Summers added that The Queen would be remembered for her service to her country:

"When she took the throne, she made a promise to faithfully serve her country, and she continued to fulfill that promise until the end of her days.”