Market Rasen Cemetery fence is down again

Part of a fence edging Market Rasen cemetery has been knocked down - a recurring issue spanning two decades.

The fence which is being taken down by people to aid a '10-second' short cut EMN-200712-155601001

The fence separates the town’s cemetery from De Aston Field at the point where the two meet a footpath running from Chapman Street to Legsby Road.

The fence is the responsibility of West Lindsey District Council and has been repaired numerous times over the year.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Councillor Stephen Bunney said it is something that ‘needs to be sorted’.

He said: “That fence has been knocked down regularly over 20 years to my knowledge.

“I know some of it is students from the school, I wouldn’t deny that, but I have also seen other people go there walking their dogs or taking a shortcut through there, so I don’t think we can blame just the youth.”

Fellow town councillor Neil Taylor was equally frustrated at the repeated destruction of the area of fencing.

He said: “People think by taking the fence down it is a shortcut and saves them time.

“It probably saves only about 10 seconds of time - it makes very little difference carrying along the footpath to come out a few feet further down Legsby Road.”

Councillor Bunney added: “We do need to find a solution, so with West Lindsey we can look at that.

“Something needs to be done so it doesn’t look so unsightly.”