Meet the first babies born in this hopeful new year

These tiny little bundles are a beacon of hope for 2021 after being born on New Years Day.

Evan Lipska, born at 2.28am on New Years Day 2021.

The birth of a baby is always a blessing, and after we finally said goodbye to the awful year that was 2020, let's meet one of the first babies born in this hopeful new year.

The fittingly named Santa Lipska and her partner Vitali welcomed baby Evan just two hours and 28 minutes into the New Year, with her little boy weighing in at 6lbs 3oz at Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

"I can't say the labour was easy," Santa said, "The doctors wanted him to be born at 38 weeks so he is a bit early.

Santa Lipska with babyEvan.

"But we are good and back home now."

The family were back home in Boston the next day (Saturday) to join Evan's big sister, five-year-old Erika, and Santa said it had been a difficult time being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic:

"It's a hard time for all people, and being pregnant during this period was a bit more hard than during safer times," she said, "Even wearing a mask all the time is not easy for pregnant women and feeling stressed about the baby."

For Kimberley and Beau McKeown, from Spilsby, their first baby kept them waiting from his original due date on Christmas Day until minutes into the New Year to make his entry into the world.

Kimberley McKeown, from Spilsby, with Bradley who was born on New Year's Day

When he did make his appearance, he was in such a hurry Kimberley nearly gave birth in the car park of Pilgrim Hospital!

Bradley Johnathon McKeown was born at 5.14am on New Years Day weighing 7lbs 4oz after a speedy five and a half hour delivery which saw Kimberley's waters break at home, and a hasty dash to the hospital.

"He was born about 25 minutes after we got to the hospital," she remembered, "We got there and I was having very strong contractions in the car park and the midwives came rushing out to me."

Despite a smooth-sailing pregnancy, Kimberley suffered a haemorrhage after giving birth and lost more than a litre of blood, but has made a full recovery.

She said: "It was so scary and I'm really glad my husband was able to be with me. It was so strange being pregnant during a pandemic but the midwives and nurses were amazing."

The family are now safely back home after an overnight stay, and Kimberley said Bradley is a chilled out baby so far who hardly ever cries.

"We were hoping he'd come before Christmas but we were so pleased he's one of the first babies born this year," Kimberley added.