Middle Rasen Headteacher retires after 10 years at helm

Middle Rasen Primary School's headteacher has retired after ten years at the helm - and 34 years in the teaching profession.

Over the past decade, Melonie Brunton has seen changes at the school - and in teaching as a whole . She feels now is the ‘time to go’.

“I could have stayed here until I was 65 because it is a fantastic school, with a wonderful group of teachers but that wouldn’t be good for the school,” she said.

“I love my job, I love the children and I love coming to work but there is a lot of stress put on you by those people you never see.

“Most recently, there has been a lot of changes to testing and there is the constant jumping through this hoop and that hoop - I just can’t jump any higher, so I think it is time to go.”

During her time as head, Melonie has faced some tough times as well as good times, but she has taken it all in her stride.

Withing three weeks of arriving at the school, she faced a major power cut, which closed the school.

The following year, there were floods, which also closed the school.

Then there was the Ofsted inspection, which resulted in a media frenzy following comments made in the report.

“That was just surreal,” said Melonie.

“It was a very difficult time with the media scrum.

“For a small village school, we certainly seem to attract things.”

Although, she is leaving the school, Melonie will still be living in the village and looks forward to seeing the children going to school and keeping in touch with events.

Recently she took on the role of Community Spirit editor, the village magazine which goes to every household.

But this summer she is determined to take time for herself and enjoy the simple things in life, take walks with her rescue dog Ruby and go swimming in the day time.

She also hopes to retrain as a celebrant come September.

“It has been a privilege and a pleasure being the head teacher and I have loved my time here,” said Melonie.

“I will miss the friendship - I know they are colleagues, but they have all become friends too, as have some of the parents.

“I have worked at lots of school, but have never had the friendship we have here at Middle .”