Military charity medal for disabled young starlet

*Aspiring young actress with a disability receives medal from militarychildren’s charity *
Little Trooper - aspiring young actress Isobel Johnson receives a medal from a military children’s charity.Little Trooper - aspiring young actress Isobel Johnson receives a medal from a military children’s charity.
Little Trooper - aspiring young actress Isobel Johnson receives a medal from a military children’s charity.

A nine-year-old aspiring actress from Lincolnshire, whose Dad serves in the

British Army, has been awarded a medal by military children’s charity,

Little Troopers.

Isobel Johnson has been awarded ‘Little Trooper of the Month’ for

overcoming adversity and showing bravery and determination in the face of

several lifelong health conditions.

Isobel suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis and Arthrogryposis Multiplex

Congenita (AMC), a condition that causes severe clubfoot, limits the

movement in her joints and means that both of her legs are permanently

dislocated. She requires a wheelchair to move around, has to wear ankle

foot braces all the time and needs to do physiotherapy several times a day

to keep her joints moving. In the last nine years, she has undergone seven

operations on her feet and spent many months in casts.

Last year, Isobel was struggling to come to terms with her disability and

went through a low period where she became depressed about not being able

to walk and keep up with her peers.

Encouraged by her friends and family, she made the decision to not let her

disability hold her back. She had already taken up Korean martial arts in

2020, and achieved a brown belt in Kuk Sool Won in June this year. She also

signed up to a talent agency and has done several modelling jobs for the

likes of Poundland, Aldi and Lego. She now hopes to become a famous actress

when she grows up.

Isobel has also made the brave decision not to go ahead with surgery to

help her to walk when she is older; the operation would be painful and

complicated and she would need further surgery later in life. This was a

very difficult decision to make because it affects her whole life.

Isobel’s Dad, Bradley, who nominated her for the award, explains: “We are

so proud of Isobel for how she has dealt with everything life has thrown at

her. Since taking up modelling, acting and martial arts, Isobel has grown

in confidence. She is very bubbly, and always wears a smile. Despite her

limited mobility, she is very active and she has learnt ways that she can

move around easily.”

“She is really proud of her military connection, so when I saw that Little

Troopers ran an award-scheme for military children, I decided to put her

forward. She is over the moon to have won and it has given her a real


Isobel said “ I was very happy to hear that I had been awarded ‘Little

Trooper of the Month’. I feel very honoured to receive this award, despite

many others who are having difficulties.”

Isobel will receive a medal, certificate and a £50 cinema voucher from

Little Troopers and she’s planning to take her sister and brother, Grace

and Jack, to see ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’.

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, said: “Our Little Trooper of

the Month scheme is all about recognising children who have been through

exceptional circumstances, so when we read Isobel’s nomination she was our

clear winner this month. We loved hearing about her sheer determination in

the face of adversity and her positive outlook for the future. We can’t

wait to spot her on our TV screens and we wish her the best of luck with

her acting career.”

Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting children who have

parents serving in the British Armed Forces. The charity provides parents

and schools with resources to use with military children, as well as

running programmes and initiatives that bring forces children together. In

addition, the charity has just launched a new Therapy Programme funded by

the National Lottery Community Fund that will provide one-to-one therapy

and group therapy sessions to children in need of additional support. For

more information visit


*Notes to Editor*

Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting service children who

have parent(s) serving in our British Armed Forces, regular or reserve.

These children often face unique challenges including frequent house and

school moves, as well as regular periods of separation from their serving

parent(s) for varying lengths of time due to exercises, training,

operations and other service commitments.

As a charity, Little Troopers ensures our British Armed Forces children and

their families have access to child-focused support wherever they are in

the world and whatever community they live in. We provide fundamental

resources and initiatives to help ease repeated separation periods and keep

parent and child connected even when miles apart. We are the only charity

in the UK dedicated to celebrating just how special all our Little Troopers

out there really are.

For more information visit

Kate Cashmore

PR & Media

Little Troopers