Misterton Primary and Nursery School ‘thrilled’ following its latest Ofsted inspection

Staff and pupils at Misterton Primary and Nursery School are ‘thrilled’ following its latest Ofsted inspection which resulted in a ‘good’ rating.

The school in Grovewood Road, Misterton, was visited by inspectors in November 2022.

The school was rated ‘good’ across all categories.

The report said: “Pupils feel safe in school. They know that the adults care about them.

Misterton Primary and Nursery School has been rated 'good' after its latest Ofsted inspection

"They are confident to ask an adult for help if they have any concerns, including bullying.

“Pupils know that adults will listen to their worries and sort it out quickly.

“Leaders have prioritised pupils’ mental health and well-being. ‘Well-being Wednesday’ is an important part of every school week.

"Pupils are taught how to manage their feelings when they feel stressed or angry. Pupils who are upset can spend time with George the school dog.

"Leaders have created a calm and welcoming learning environment, which is appreciated by the school community, including the vast majority of parents.

"One parent summed this up, ‘my child has been encouraged to achieve their own individual potential in a nurturing environment’.”

Jane Cappleman-Jackson, headteacher of Misterton Primary School, said: “Everyone at Misterton Primary School is thrilled with the outcome of the inspection and the recognition for our strong safeguarding culture.

“The report spoke highly of the children and their impeccable manners and their willingness to learn.

"The inspectors found that pupils feel safe, that we have high expectations of them and that relationships between pupils and staff are positive.

"We were especially pleased that they noted our school’s priority towards mental health and that our weekly ‘Well-being Wednesday’ is an important part of every school week.

“This is a positive start to the new year.

"We remain committed to ensuring the best provision and care is in place for all of the children and we will continue to put them at the heart of everything we do at the school.

“I would like to thank all of the pupils, the hard-working staff, the governing body and our parents and carers for their ongoing support.”