Mixed reaction to news of a Boston edition of Monopoly

News of the upcoming Boston edition of the popular Monopoly board game has received a mixed reaction from locals.

Boston is to get its own edition of the Monopoly board game. Image: Boston Big Local.
Boston is to get its own edition of the Monopoly board game. Image: Boston Big Local.

As reported by the Standard on Monday, Boston Big Local and Boston Borough Council have teamed up with Hasbro to produce a Boston edition of the game.

The announcement sparked a lot of reaction online, where followers on our Facebook group were quick to offer suggestions on what they felt should be included in the game.

Most of the comments poked fun at the town, with suggestions like: ‘If you win, do you move out of Boston?’ - while Stuart Peter referred to the town’s long-standing need for a bypass by suggesting the game ‘could do with a road that cuts across the board’.

Commenting on our news post via Facebook, LordDarren Trapps also joked: “Surely a chance card must say ‘you have been caught fly-tipping, pay £100’. If that’s not in the game I’m not getting it.”

Others were skeptical and thought the news might refer to Boston, USA.

However, some seemed excited about the prospect of a Boston-themed game, commenting it was a ‘lovely idea’ with a few asking when they could purchase a copy for Christmas.

The Hasbro-branded game will be created with help from the council’s Empowering Healthy Communities Programme which has been able to assist in securing funding with Boston Big Local.

Boston Big Local approached the borough council for part funding from the programme for this after the success of the trump cards which they brought out last year with the focus on raising Boston’s profile and the funds going to good causes in Boston.

Nichola Holderness, programme co-ordinator at the council, said: “I am really pleased that our programme was able to help fund the Boston UK Monopoly.

“I think it is a fantastic way to help showcase Boston. Our borough has so much to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing this represented on the new official board.

“I am looking forward to playing the game at Christmas with my family.”

Richard Tory, chair of Boston Big Local, commented: “Our aim is to improve the lives of residents in as many different ways as possible and if, by raising the town’s profile, we can help achieve this goal we will be very happy indeed.”

The Boston Monopoly Board will cost £30 each and will have Boston-themed playing pieces, community chest and chance cards, and locations around the outside of the board.

The Monopoly boards are due to be launched early next month

Details about a launch date and how you can buy a copy of the game are expected to be released soon.