Some of the residents opposed to the plans pictured on Church Lane in Sutterton - with the proposed sites either side of the narrow lane.Some of the residents opposed to the plans pictured on Church Lane in Sutterton - with the proposed sites either side of the narrow lane.
Some of the residents opposed to the plans pictured on Church Lane in Sutterton - with the proposed sites either side of the narrow lane.

More than 120 objections to plans for industrial site near 'dangerous' A16 roundabout

Residents of both villages say they have formed an action group to fight the application

​More than 120 residents have objected to outline plans for a new industrial site bordering Sutterton and Algarkirk – and close to an ‘area of archaeological importance’.

​Many are concerned about the impact increased traffic could have on the A16 Sutterton roundabout which some label a ‘death trap’. However, the applicant says the development will be ‘sympathetic’ and won’t impact on the local highway or the character of the villages, but would bring employment to the area.

The plans, for a 9.37 hectare area of farmland off Station Road, in Sutterton, and Church Lane in Algarkirk, would see the construction of a site for industrial, commercial and business use. Access would be from Station Road.

The application reads: “Outline planning permission is sought for the erection of a range of buildings to provide employment opportunities in the commercial, general industrial and warehousing and distribution sectors.”

More than 120 objections have been lodged against the plans. These come from local residents, both parish councils, and local councillor James Cantwell (Five Villages Ward).

Historic Buildings and Places has also objected, pointing to existing buildings in the area which date back to the 13th century, and adding: “The proposal site appears to be completely inappropriate as a development site”.

The neighbours and parish councils cite concerns relating to a potential increase in traffic disruption, air and noise pollution, road safety, loss of agricultural land, concerns for wildlife and privacy.

Many also point to the proposed industrial site adding to the traffic impact that is expected to come from the approved 256-home housing development off Station Road, once completed.

Commenting on the plans, one neighbour writes: “This number of new dwellings, in addition to the construction traffic [of the proposed site] will greatly impact the flow of traffic to Station Road and, more significantly, the deadly Sutterton roundabout.” Another states: “The traffic report does not take into account the 400+ cars that will use Station Road in Sutterton on a daily basis when the new housing estate is fully occupied or the amount of construction traffic generated. The A16/17 roundabout in Sutterton is already a death trap.”

Emailing us with her concerns, resident Angela Large said: “The increase in HGV traffic on the already accident prone roundabout will be catastrophic. The two villages have set up an action group to fight this application.”

Heritage Lincolnshire has also stated the villages are “an area of archaeological importance where Roman and Medieval period remains are known”. They write: “Evidence of extensive Roman settlement has been recorded off Station Road (to the northwest of the proposed development). The scheduled remains of the shrunken medieval village at Algarkirk lie to the north of the proposal. Recent archaeological investigations on the south side of Sutterton have revealed further evidence of Roman occupation together with evidence of Saxon settlement.”

They have asked for further information and for the developer to commission archaeological work at the proposed site.

Cadent Gas has also stated they have a gas pipeline running through the site so object to the plans in their current form.

The plans have been submitted by Robert Doughty Consultancy Limited (RDC), on behalf of Towermist Limited. Their application states: “Planting and bunding on the northern boundary of the application site will screen the development from the village and as there will be no alteration to the character of Church Lane, and no traffic from the development going through the village. Overall, the location of the application site will not have a detrimental impact on any heritage assets.”

In response to various neighbour concerns, Jonathan Padley, managing director of Towermist Ltd said the land is “a potential area of employment opportunity as there is very little employment land available within the borough”. He continued: “This means businesses looking to expand and create more jobs have nowhere to go. The next area of employment land, along the A16 corridor is at Kirton, is now fully allocated with no land available to buy.

“There is also now a growing local trend for businesses to locate around the A16 / A17 corridors with the obvious links to the A1 due to traffic congestion getting in, out and around Boston town centre,” he said.

“This makes the Sutterton roundabout area a perfect location for employment land whilst being well-related to the town.

“However, i am not oblivious to the concerns of the local community and am dealing with residents’ concerns sympathetically. I am a local man and do have a proven track record of delivering high-quality business parks in the town which are maintained immaculately and free from dirty industry. Haven Business Park Boston has attracted major local employers such as Sportsbikeshop (before their move to Kirton), Rolec, Parkinson, Magnadata, and Kalas Packaging. Avalon Business Park which is nearing completion at Kirton has attracted major national franchises and companies such as Auto Glass, Dominos and Voyage Education Partnership, bringing new employment to the area.”

Regarding some of the specific concerns raised, explained: “The proposed development represents a tiny a fraction of the agricultural land in the area and of course the produce that is currently grown in the area needs facilities for processing, packing, storage and distribution together with research and development opportunities as well as agri tec and machinery businesses all of which underpin the economy of the area.

In regards to privacy and nature, he continued: “We have been working to design landscaped and screened areas along with wildlife habitats to lessen the local impact.

Discussing traffic concerns, he added: "Whilst our Transport Assessment is being complied, what we can say is that no HGV or estate traffic will be able to enter or exit the site other than via the proposed entrance on Station Road."

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