MP for Boston and Skegness back in cabinet role in reshuffle

MP for Boston and S|kegness Matt Warman has returned to his former ministerial position as Minister of State at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in Boris Johnson's desperate Cabinet reshuffle while clinging on as caretaker PM.
MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman.MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman.
MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman.

Mr Johnson resigned as PM yesterday (Thursday) as 59 ministers dramatically quit, expressing their lack of confidence in his leadership.

Among them was Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth and Horncastle including Spilsby, who resigned as Justice Minister, citing the “fractured values” that have occurred during Mr Johnson’s leadership as her reasons for resigning, and that she could no longer give him the “benefit of the doubt”.

Her letter to Boris Johnson continued: “Values such as integrity, decency, respect and professionalism should matter to us all. I have watched with growing concern as those values have fractured under your leadership through Patterson, Pincher and Partygate. I have given you the benefit of the doubt at each turn, out of loyalty to you as Prime Minister and to our great party.

MP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria AtkinsMP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins
MP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins

"The events of this week, however, have made these contortions impossible. The casual mistreatment of Minister Will Quince and the revelations contained in Lord McDonald’s letter highlight just how far your government has fallen from these ideals.

"I can no longer pirouette around our fractured values. We can and must be better than this."

It was just last month that both Mr Warman, who as sacked as digital minister in a government reshuffle in September last year, and Ms Atkins supported Mr Johnson helping him win a no-confidence vote “in the national interest”.

At the time Mr Warman tweeted that constituents had told him to vote against the motion of ‘no confidence’..

He said: ”I’ve always been clear that some of what went on at Downing Street over lockdown was deeply wrong,” he said.

"But the Prime Minister has apoiogised.

"So rather than leadership contests and votes of confidence, I want to see the government deliver on the issues that fill up my inbox – the cost of living, infastructure, childcare and a host of other matters.

"It is so we can get on with doing that in the national interest.”

Mr Warman has yet to comment on why he has accepted the cabinet role.