MP urges Boston councillors to back alliance proposal at meeting next week

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has urged councillors to put aside political differences and back the alliance proposal next Thursday.
MP urges councillors to back alliance planMP urges councillors to back alliance plan
MP urges councillors to back alliance plan

In the open letter to authority members, Mr Warman called on councillors to be non-partisan and said that “further delay serves nobody well”.

A special meeting of Boston Borough Council will take place next week to try and hammer out a compromise to allow a proposed strategic alliance with East Lindsey District Council to go-ahead.

The proposed services merger – which those behind it say will make huge savings for both councils – was due to be agreed last week, but after councillors voted for a delay, the leadership took it completely of the table.

The report to go to the extraordinary meeting of the council on Thursday evening has new amendments allowing Boston to withdraw from the agreement after 12 months and creating a cross-party scrutiny group to monitor the transition process.

Mr Warman said: “We all need Boston to be in the strongest possible position in years to come and I’m writing to urge each councillor to consider how to make the best of our town’s potential,” he wrote.

“Boston’s taxpayers deserve the best possible value for money.

“Not doing so, I believe, risks the long-term future of Boston as a sustainable council and holds back potential progress.

“I’m glad the concerns expressed by councillors have been addressed.

“I hope we can work together to deliver the services Boston deserves.

“I hope councillors will support taking Boston to the next level.”