The Remembrance Day knitted tribute anonymously left in Old Leake. Photo by James Shanks.

Mystery as anonymous artist delights villagers near Boston with their 'yarn bombing' creations

A mystery artist dubbed ‘Knitsy’ by locals is the talk of a Boston village after anonymously leaving crocheted scenes on a post box.

Villagers in Old Leake say they are delighted with the elaborate yarn creations – which include a tribute to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II, a Halloween scene and a Remembrance Day-inspired one.

The craze - known as ‘yarn bombing’ or ‘guerilla knitting’ – sees knitters and crocheters anonymously leaving their craftwork in a public space as a form of street art.

Several crocheted scenes have all been left on top of the red post box in Old Leake’s Meadow Way, opposite the Co-operative store over the past year.

Resident Rachi Whiti said: “We call them ‘Knitsy’ because ‘Crochetsy’ doesn't quite rhyme with Banksy,” she laughed.

“The first one appeared last Halloween just after the ram raid on the shop. It brightened us all up after the shock that people could target our village store.

"Then came Remembrance Day, Christmas with lights on, a tribute to Ukraine with blue and yellow hearts, Easter, the Jubilee, our lovely postman’s wedding, the passing of the Queen, then back to Halloween again. She or he is very talented.”

Resident James Shanks posted a photo of the latest creation to a Facebook group covering the village, adding: “The phantom knitter strikes again. Halloween is over and done with, and Remembrance Sunday is on the horizon. What a fantastic effort, and great skill has gone into the latest topper on the postbox outside the Co-op. Much appreciated by myself, and no doubt many more in the village.”

Speaking to the Standard, James added: “I feel that in these gloomy days, that these things lift our spirits and make us smile, and the person behind it deserves the recognition.”

Other residents have called the creations ‘amazing’, saying they really enjoy seeing them, and that the person making them has ‘such talent’.

One villager wrote via Facebook: “I always look when passing, thank you whoever is knitting them, you are amazing.”

Another commented: “Absolutely amazing, whoever creates these pieces are truly talented, what a pleasure you give to us all. Thank you so much.”

• What do you think to the creations? Are you the mystery crocheter? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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