New broadcasting group plans to bring a 'radio revolution' to Lincolnshire

Plans are afoot to create a radio network covering the east of the county - in a move described as a ‘radio revolution’ for Lincolnshire.
Dylan Taylor, left, and Tristan Cullen, right, directors of the new East Lincolnshire Broadcasting CIC.Dylan Taylor, left, and Tristan Cullen, right, directors of the new East Lincolnshire Broadcasting CIC.
Dylan Taylor, left, and Tristan Cullen, right, directors of the new East Lincolnshire Broadcasting CIC.

A new broadcasting group called East Lincolnshire Broadcasting CIC (ELBC) has been formed to create a network of DAB radio stations across Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland.

The company is applying to Ofcom for a new type of licence that will allow it to operate a ‘Small Scale DAB Multiplex’ across the area.

Ofcom have been running a number of UK small-scale DAB multiplexes on a trial basis over the past five years, but have only recently been advertising non-trial ones.

If successful in the bid, ELBC intends to kick-start what its directors are calling “a radio revolution in this part of Lincolnshire” – providing dozens of new digital radio stations and “offering a rich listener choice never before experienced in our part of the world”.

Acting as a radio network, ELBC will offer the chance for various DAB digital radio stations to be hosted and created, resulting in a more diverse choice for many listeners in Lincolnshire.

Dylan Taylor, director at ELBC said: “[It will offer] new digital radio stations for East Lincolnshire and a chance for anybody to get involved from the bedroom DJ right up to the commercial broadcaster.

“It’s the biggest thing in radio to hit Lincolnshire for decades.

"There are big opportunities for commercial stations, community stations, online radio as well as local podcasters, club DJs, bedroom DJs and musicians.”

He added: "We are currently focusing on our bid and we look forward to sharing our plans in more detail.”

Tristan Cullen, director at ELBC, added: “There are a real lack of media opportunities in Lincolnshire and this will help to change that. It will also offer more choice to digital radio listeners in the area.

“For once, Lincolnshire is leading a charge with a relatively new digital media offering and it’s exciting to be at the forefront.”

LincolnshireWorld asked Dylan Taylor, currently director of Boston-based Endeavour FM, about how the plans will affect the local radio station.

He said: “I’m still at Endeavour FM and I’m not going anywhere yet. This will work alongside it.

"In fact, if Endeavour is one of the stations to be hosted on our network, it will mean they can reach even more listeners across a wider area of the county.”

Supporting East Lincolnshire Broadcasting CIC will be Endeavour FM radio presenter Kevin Lockyer, and Mick Taylor, of Taylor ITEX CIC (Community Interest Company) in Boston.

If successful in their bid, Ofcom is expected to award ELBC the licence in 2023.

ELBC are now seeking interested parties that would like space on the multiplex. If you are interested in finding out more or to register your interest go to or email [email protected]

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