New '˜coffee and chat' group set up by Epilepsy Action

A new '˜coffee and chat' group organised by Epilepsy Action will be held at the School House in Church Lane, Horncastle this Saturday (January 5).

It is a chance for anyone who has any connection with epilepsy to meet in an informal atmosphere.

The event takes place from 2-4pm and will be held on the first Saturday of every month at the same time and same venue.

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The new group is backed by Andrew Jackson, from Horncastle, who developed epilepsy at the age of three.

Mr Jackson recently revealed in the News how Taekwondo helped him cope. He believes sharing experiences on the new group - particularly positive ones - is the way forward.

He says: “Breaking blocks in Taekwondo is hard, but breaking epilepsy-related stigma is harder. When you’re facing epilepsy alone, it’s really easy to feel down about it. Talking about issues with people who understand really does help - and if you’re 
struggling, you’re not alone.”

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