New meeting place in Boston bouncing back after Covid-19 disruption

A meeting place in Boston which was forced to close almost immediately after its launch due to Covid-19 is now enjoying use by a range of organisations.
The Local Community Centre, in Mitre Lane, Boston.The Local Community Centre, in Mitre Lane, Boston.
The Local Community Centre, in Mitre Lane, Boston.

The Local Community Centre, in Mitre Lane, was officially opened on March 16, 2020 – the same day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that it was now time for non-essential contact with others and all unnecessary travel to stop.

The building – formerly known as Pensioners’ House – had been transformed into a modern meeting place.

During the enforced closure that followed, a range of improvements were made to the site, including installing a new roof and boiler as well a kitchen.

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been eased, the building is attracting a range of organisations – a singing group, exercise groups, and the Butterfly Hospice Trust, for example.

Chairman Stuart Davidson said: “It’s fantastic that this venue is now back in use right in the town centre so it is available to so many people.

“I’m delighted that word is getting round and groups are using the building but we still have room for more and anyone who wants to have a look round and find out more is welcome to contact me.”

Stuart can be reached on on 07704 777756, but an alternative is to attend the centre’s annual general meeting on March 8, at 7pm.

Stuart said: “The AGM will be a short process leaving us plenty of time to enjoy a cuppa with potential user groups and learn how we can help them make the most of what is now a great facility. A warm welcome awaits anyone who wants to come along and have a look round.”