New poster campaign to advise Gainsborough residents on when to put out their rubbish

New posters have been produced to stop any confusion over when bins in Gainsborough should be put out for collection.

New posters to help residents know the best times to present their waste
New posters to help residents know the best times to present their waste

Residents in the South West Ward of the town raised concerns and this has sparked the move from West Lindsey District Council in a bid to raise awareness.

When households leave their waste out too early it can lead to animals scavenging in the litter from split bags and rubbish scattering throughout the neighbouring streets.

It also gives off an appearance of the area being poorly looked after.

Properties in some areas of West Lindsey have their refuse and recycling collected in sacks.

This is usually because they are unsuitable for wheelie bins, or in an area that is inaccessible for our vehicles.

The news has been welcomed by West Lindsey District councillor, Coun Trevor Young, who represents the South West Ward of Gainsborough.

He said: “When you see litter bags presented early - it does lead to split bags and does not reflect well on the area.

"A lot of people take pride in where they live and we have seen a lot of positive work taking place.

“However, while residents in the area do use bags for their waste we all need to think about what times we present that waste to reduce any incidents and hopefully this will help change the way people feel about their streets.”

For more information about your waste collections and when to put your bins out visit