New radio station launched for the Gainsborough community

A Gainsborough man is behind a new community radio station which will help promote the town and support the community and businesses.

Gerald Buckle, 60, is the station manager at Trentside Radio which launched earlier this month.

Mr Buckle said: “There is so much going on in Gainsborough and the surrounding area and we at Trentside Radio want to give local people a voice to get their events and activities publicised.

“The radio station idea has been gestating for a little while.

Gerald Buckle, Trentside Radio station manager

"I think there is a lot to be said about the value of ‘community spirit’, particularly over the past 18 months or so.

"I also felt that it is sometimes difficult to find out about events, meetings, etc.

"So, the idea of a community radio station seemed like a good idea and the timing of launch has been quite opportune, given the fact that we are just emerging from a pandemic and lockdowns, and meetings and events in the area are starting to happen again.

"The idea behind Trentside Radio is to provide support for the local community, promote local events and help local business. In practice, this means giving local people an easily accessible platform to advertise their events and meetings.

"Promoting an event in Gainsborough and the surrounding area is completely free. If someone sends us the details of their event, we can get this on the radio station in a very short space of time.”

"We currently broadcast 24/7 with specific shows running throughout the day.

“Since Trentside Radio is a new venture, we are always on the lookout for new ideas, content and programming for the station.

"As we move forward, we are planning to add content within these shows, for example, podcasts to give local people a platform to speak about local issues, promote their club or activity.

"This idea will be expanded to local businesses, so they are able to tell Gainsborough and the surrounding community about the products and services they sell.

"We are also looking at adding content relating to general issues such as health, wellbeing and finance.”

Trentside Radio broadcasts 24/7 and for more information and to listen visit