New traffic calming measures for accident blackspot at corner in East Keal

Road levelling measures are being considered for a notorious accident blackspot in East Keal, where only a few weeks ago a cement mixer toppled over and crashed into a garden.

The cement mixer that crashed through the fence at Hall Corner in East Keal in February.
The cement mixer that crashed through the fence at Hall Corner in East Keal in February.

A slight dip in the road at the bend at Hall Corner has been identified by Lincolnshire County County as a potential cause of motorists travelling too fast losing control.

Now the authority is investigating scheme options to smooth out the level of the road at the bend. “This could assist those vehicles that are driving at speeds inappropriate for both their load - and the road itself - to stay level and upright,” they say.

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In addition speed roundel road markings on speed limit entry points will be installed and LCC is exploring the possibility of a reactive speed sign.

Police are also assessing the need for a speed camera and will be taking readings at the corner in the coming weeks.

The Skegness Standard has reported on incidents at the bend since 2019. A video posted on our website of the cement mixer sliding on its side through the fence at Hall Corner in February this year was watched by thousands of people – bringing more calls for Lincolnshire County Council to take action to slow down traffic.

Other incidents included a tractor toppling over and shedding its load last October and – in the early hours of July 30, 2019 – a car crashing through the same fence destroyed by the cement mixer and leaving owners Hannah and Callum Mckinlay “struggling to sleep” and facing hefty repair bills, according to our articles at the time.

Throughout this period East Keal Parish Council has negotiate with Lincolnshire County Council and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership and traffic calming schemes have already been introduced, including ‘Slow’ markings on red patches on the approach to the bend, an enhanced bend warning sign followed by an additional warning sign with ‘adverse camber’ plate and enhanced chevron signs.

There are also hazard marker posts in the verge, a 30mph speed limit with an advisory 20mph limit on the bend itself, a vehicle restraint system and a double white line is in place through the corner - which is enforceable by the police.

However, so far the measures have not prevented accidents happening.

East Keal Parish Council. Libby Martin told our newspaper the main problem has always been that motorists continued to “drive too fast” in spite of the speed calming signs and safety measures already installed.

Initial local reaction said the road levelling would not address this. Sharon Goddard asked: “Why should highways want to assist vehicles that are driving at inappropriate speeds?

"The whole reason for our complaints is people are driving too fast.”

Graham Pearson commented: “It’s a start but needs more work. The police say they haven’t reported many accidents so in their view they don’t think speed is a problem. However they only record injury accidents the numerous damage accidents have not been recorded.”

Richard Davies, executive member for highways at LCC said: “We are very thankful to the residents and members of the Parish Council who have given us their ideas and support in what can be done at Hall Corner. We will all work together to get the best resolution we can."