Newlyweds travel to festival wedding recepion in Skegness on charity trishaw

The bride wore white but had packed wellies when she and her new husband travelled to their ‘Glastonbury’ themed reception on a charity trishaw.

Shan Chapman and Max Foreman in the trishaw that took them to their reception at Shaxfest.
Shan Chapman and Max Foreman in the trishaw that took them to their reception at Shaxfest.

It was third time lucky for Shan Chapman and Max Foreman when they finally tied the knot after having to cancel twice due to the pandemic – and the couple were determined to make it memorable .

After a traditional start to the big day with the bride arriving at St Matthew’s Church in Skegness in a wfdding car, the couple had arranged for an unusual form of transport to take them to ‘Shaxfest’ at Skegness Skegness Town AFC Stadium.

"We are really good friends with Sarah Mochan who is Captain of Cysing Without Age in Skegness and came up with the idea of us travelling to our reception in a trishaw,” said Shan.

"We both love music so had a Glastonbury festival themed reception with bands playing all say so it was fantastic to arrive in style.

"I don’t think people could believe seeing me in my wedding dress but I went prepared.

"I took my wellies just in case – after all you can never be too careful when you plan a festival and we were not going to let the weather spoil our day.”

Sarah commented: “I have known Shan and her family for years and feel very honoured that she has chosen the trishaw as her mode of transport for her wedding day.

"I will be decorating the trishaw so that it looks as pretty as it can, and taking them the ‘long way round’ to the venue at Shans request.”

Shan is a physiotherapist at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and Max is an accountant. In spite of the long wait the couple had an extra special guest at the wedding – their seven-month-old daughter Matilda, who wore white “just like mummy”.

“It may have taken three times but we are so glad we waited because we have Matilda.

Cycling Without Age in Skegness was formed in March 2018 as part of a nationwide initiative that offers free bike rides to local nursing home residents and the lonely. The pilots are all volunteers and the scheme is run through fundraising. For more details and how to get involved, visit the website here.