Next book in Hugo and Daddy series by Misterton author

Misterton dad, Ric Hart, is getting to release his final children’s book for 2021, Hugo and Daddy’s Christmas Adventures.

This will be his fourth book in the ‘Hugo and Daddy’s’ series of children’s books.

After the death of Ric’s wife shortly after giving birth to their son Hugo in 2018, Ric knew he needed to make her proud and create a lasting legacy and create some interpretation for his son, who is now three, and heading for nursery school this year at Redlands Primary in Worksop, where Ric now lives.

Ric said: “The creation and ideas for the book also came from my new partner, Victoria Taylor, and her boys, Harry, George, and Charlie.

Ric, right, with Victoria, centre, with her three sons, from left, George, brother Harry holding Hugo, and Charlie.

"They have been credited as the initial design creators in the book alongside Jackie Tee, my illustrator, who has been epic in my journey.

"I always felt I had a Christmas book in me and what a way to end the year.

"The book tells the story of Hugo going through the night sky with Santa on Christmas Eve but also shows two families coming together over time through tragedy, which is a powerful message to so many out there.”

The book is available on Amazon for pre-order and is being released on October 1.

Ric said: “My book journey has been a huge undertaking and an emotional one, releasing four books this year including my autobiography, Pupy Love, and my Amazon bestseller, Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures in 2020.

"It has been one hell of a journey.

"Now it’s time to refocus back on my fitness and family life and who knows what 2022 will bring.

"Live for today embrace tomorrow.”