Next installment of Misterton author's book series set for release

The next installment from Misterton author’s Hugo and Daddy series is being released on Sunday, August 15.

Ric is pictured with a Superhero mug, and an illustration of Hugo from the book
Ric is pictured with a Superhero mug, and an illustration of Hugo from the book

Hugo and Daddy’s Superhero Adventures is a third book in the series that Ric Hart, wrote for his young son, Hugo, following the death of his wife, Jade, just after childbirth.

Ric said: “Hugo and Daddy’s Superhero Adventures was written in the second lockdown in 2020 and was inspired by my first two bereavement books for children. Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures and Hugo and Daddy’s Thailand Adventures.

“The Superhero Adventures book was inspired by the strength I showed through my deep grief process and wanted to relay this to Hugo through my books.

“I always visualised a symbol of hope for Hugo and the ‘H’ sign was just that, it has been trademarked and also is linked to Hugo’s merchandise page and his own website, Hartshero is Hugo’s superhero name in the book.

“The purpose of the website is to allow Hugo and others to share their own superhero stories on things they have done, which have made them feel good inside.

"Hugo begins nursery school in September so the Superhero symbol is perfect timing to help Hugo feel empowered and that he can achieve anything.

"The book also has huge relevance now for all kids stepping out of lockdown and moving forward searching for hope, fun adventure, and to feel good inside.”

The new book is out on Sunday, August 15, which is also Jade’s birthday. All Ric’s books are on Amazon.