Nigel returns to the saddle after major accident

Nearly three years ago, Nigel Limb's world came crashing down around him.

Nigel celebrates a successful return to sand racing in Mablethorpe.

While taking part in one of his regular sand races on a speedway bike on December 27 2015, the Sutton on Sea man suffered a serious head injury, which put him in a coma, left him partially-sighted and with brain damage.

Now, he’s back and braver than ever.

He told the Leader that the accident affected his whole family.

He said:“Bikes were my life - I lived and breathed them.

“When I wasn’t riding or racing, I was taking photographs of them.

“After my accident, everything changed.

“I spent months recovering - it was one of the darkest times of my life.

“My wife, Julie, was so distressed that she had to spend time in a psychiatric hospital.

“But this inspired her to fulfil her lifelong dream to become a published author.

“Under her pen name, Joni Daniels, she wrote a book, The Hub, which is based on our experience.

“It’s a cracking read. It makes me immensely proud.”

Back in October, Nigel got back on a speedway bike for the first time since his accident.

But last month, Nigel returned to the saddle on the beach at Mablethorpe - the very same spot where he crashed.

“Speedway bikes are an animal to ride,” he explained.

“They’ve got no brakes, and it’s like they have a mind of their own.

“I’d proved I could handle on the track, and now it was time to go back to the beach.”

“You’ve heard of getting back on the horse - well, this was like riding a wild mustang bareback.

“Due to my reduced vision, I had to have four marshals mark out the track with flags so I knew where I was going.

“I was nervous, but everything fell back into place and I rode as fast as I could.

“It felt like coming home.”

Since then, Nigel’s become something of a celebrity in the biking community.

He said: “I’ve been invited to race on the beach in Bridlington, and have been given a two-night hotel stay.”

“I’ll also be appearing as a guest in a wall of death, and in drag races.

He added, laughing: “It’s as if I’ve become a rock star!”

While Nigel maintains a chipper attitude and a positive outlook, he knows all too well what could have been.

“What happened to our family is a tragedy - it has changed our lives forever.

“There are couples that would have fallen apart when faced with something like this. But it has only made us stronger.”