Open letter from ELDC leader regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader of East Lindsey District Council, has written an open letter to residents and businesses across the district.

The Covid-19 coronavius

The letter published today (Wednesday) reads: “We face tough times.

“These last few weeks we’ve seen around the clock news explaining the impact the Coronavirus will have on ourselves, our family, our friends and our neighbours. “The daily routines for many, particularly those who are older and with underlying health issues, are now changing in a way they probably never really expected would happen.

“That said, now is a time for calm and for us all to pull together and support one another in the face of one of the greatest challenges of modern times.

“We must be mindful, kind and considerate, and check that those who we know might be lonely are coping.

“As well as the impact on individuals we are very aware of how this will affect our businesses.

“East Lindsey has many small, independent businesses who will feel the financial impact of this outbreak more than most.

“The Government has announced a range of measures that aim to help businesses recover, including grants for smaller and rural businesses.

“We will include links to these on our website and our Economic Development Team is currently working through the information from Government.

“Along with our partners we continue to monitor the national situation closely and adapt our local plans accordingly.

“The response to the situation is being led in Lincolnshire by our colleagues in the health sector with support from a whole range of partners, including ourselves at the District Council.

“The District Council’s role at this time is to share information with the community and partners and ensure our own plans to continue providing our critical services are as robust as possible.

“This is a challenge as our own teams will no doubt at some point be impacted by the virus.

“We have taken steps to encourage homeworking wherever possible to reduce the potential for the spread of infection and identifying those within the organisation who are able to support our critical services, should they be required.

“Whilst at this time all our services continue to operate as normal, we know there will be an impact at some point.

Whilst we are preparing for this situation as best we can, it is inevitable that you will see a change in the way we deliver our services; please bear with us as we work through this and we will communicate any changes with you.

“Please keep an eye on our website – – and our Facebook and Twitter (@EastLindseyDC) profiles where we will continue to share the latest information.

“Finally, we never fail to be humbled by the way in which our partners and communities come together to provide support.

“This will be so important over the coming months and we stand ready to support you wherever we can.

“Take care, look after those around you and ensure you stay up to date with the latest Government information and advice.”