‘Overwhelming’ support for the Salvation Army

Almost 1,900 food parcels were distributed and 230 children received toys over the festive season thanks to the generosity of the local community.

Territorial Envoy Terence Carpenter EMN-221001-144734001
Territorial Envoy Terence Carpenter EMN-221001-144734001

Donations have been pouring into Market Rasen’s Salvation Army over the past few months and Territorial Envoy Terence Carpenter has described the support as ‘overwhelming.’

While some of the donations have come through known sources – local businesses and individuals – Mr Carpenter said a lot has come anonymously, which is why he has contacted the Rasen Mail to say thank you.

He said: “We have been so blessed by the public.

“People just want to give and don’t want any recognition, but I just want to say a big thank you, as we couldn’t do what we do without them.”

The Salvation Army has a reputation of helping those in need and Mr Carpenter believes it is this that is at the heart of the donations.

He said: “I can be walking down the street and someone just hands me money as they see my uniform.

“There is a gentleman that regularly spends £100 in the Co-op and then puts the shopping into the food bank donation trolly.

“The other day there was an envelope dropped through the door with a £50 note in it simply saying ‘hope you can use this.’

“Our little brass band played carols at the Co-op on Christmas Eve and shoppers put £650 into the collection bucket, with a similar amount collected at Tesco a few days earlier.

“We have had cars turn up filled with items for the food bank and collections from local churches –- and it is all gratefully received.”

However, Mr Carpenter says there is more work to do.

“We are still here and helping people and thanks to all this generosity we have a good stock of food, as well as a healthy balance in our community fund to start 2022.”