Owner of new tabletop games cafe in Gainsborough wants to bring ‘high street back to life’

​The owner of Gainsborough’s new tabletop games cafe says he wants to try and bring the ‘high street back to life’.
Kyle Marsh is the face behind new tabletop games café, Phoenix RestKyle Marsh is the face behind new tabletop games café, Phoenix Rest
Kyle Marsh is the face behind new tabletop games café, Phoenix Rest

Kyle Marsh is the face behind the new and one-of-a-kind business, Phoenix Rest on Lord Street, Gainsborough.

Kyle said: “I’ve worked in this industry for a good few years now and I’ve seen both the good and the bad. I’ve always wanted to do this myself and it was just about finding that opportunity.”

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When the building at 25 Lord Street came up, he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse and dived straight into the building.

He said: “Gainsborough is a place that’s developing fast and it’s getting a lot of money pumped into the town; the cinema is a big example of that.

“I just knew I wanted to be a part of it and that this was the place for me.

“I want to make a feature on the map of Gainsborough that’s unique and something people want.

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“I want to encourage to people that they don’t have to step outside of town, I’d love to try and help get the high street back to life.”

Kyle expressed his enthusiasm on creating a space where people can have an experience that’s friendly and laidback away from mobile phones and retail.

He said: “We offer lots of free activities for people to be introduced into these hobbies like our try before you buy scheme.

“We want people to come in here, sit down, grab a drink and we will go through a game for free. It gives people an opportunity to understand it before putting money on the table.”

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People can also bring in their own games, loan games, or just simply pop in to have a coffee and relax.

Since opening, Kyle has found a lot of friendly faces popping in to meet him and to see what the business is. He stated that the beautiful element of tabletop games is that it’s for everyone.

He said: “Age, gender or other factors doesn’t matter. From children to grown adults, people of different walks of life come here.

“We are a family orientated industry too and it’s so nice seeing parents coming in to recognise what we do and knowing their children will enjoy it.

“I want this to feel genuine and for it to be something for everyone.”

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