Perkins’ Pantry rises from the ashes!

Fancy a tasty pie and mash, or a delicious Sunday roast? How about a tempting slice of cheesecake? Well, look no further than Perkins’ Pantry, which rises from the ashes this week under new ownership.

Sue Locking, who ran Perkins’ Pantry from 1998-2012, is supporting Shawn Murray as he resurrects the business.
Sue Locking, who ran Perkins’ Pantry from 1998-2012, is supporting Shawn Murray as he resurrects the business.

Experienced chef Shawn Murray, 28, who lives in Louth, has taken the reins at the cafe/restaurant in Mercer Row, and is opening his doors to the public for the first time tomorrow (Thursday August 6).

The original Perkins’ Pantry was established back in 1998 by Sue Locking, now a town councillor, and she ran the business until 2012.

She has supported Shawn with the set-up of the restaurant, and has given him permission to take on the original name with her blessing.

Shawn Murray in the kitchen

The venue has taken on several guises under different management since then, but they were relatively short lived - and it is hoped that Shawn’s revival of the original name, along with his dedication and hard work, will see Perkins’ Pantry return to success.

As with the restaurant’s original inception, Shawn will use fresh, locally-sourced food made in the traditional way, and the extensive menu will give a nod towards various parts of the town - such as Stewton Lane Snacks, Orme Lane Omelettes, Butcher Lane Breakfasts, Mercer Row Main Meals, and Julian Bower Jacket Potatoes.

Shawn said: “I’ve worked in restaurants all over, including Cleethorpes, Grimsby, and also in Whitby for a couple of years.

“My cuisine is traditional British food, very much the same type of food that Sue did.

“I decided to take on the job a couple of months ago, during the lockdown, but I am excited for the challenge. Sue and my family have kindly helped me set the place up, particularly to keep the place Covid-safe. I am really looking forward to it, but without Sue’s support I’m not sure we’d have got it lifted off the ground.”

Sue added: “I hope it’s a big success, because Shawn is prepared to put the hours in, and he has got the work ethic to make the business work.

“It is quite emotional for me that Perkins’ Pantry is going to rise up from the ashes, because I had built up a great many regulars here.

“It was a loss for me when I retired, losing the contact with the staff and regulars. I wish Shawn all the best!”

• Perkins’ Pantry will be open from 8am until 4pm (Monday-Saturday), and at lunchtimes on Sunday.

• On opening day, there is a free slice of cake or a cupcake with every order, and a loyalty card scheme is being launched.

• Call 01507 655229 to book a table, and search for Perkins’ Pantry on Facebook for more information and updates.