PICTURES: 2022 arrives with a bang in Skegness

2022 arrived in Skegness with a bang with crowds gathering around the Clock Tower at midnight in scenes not witnessed for two years.

Crowds gathered around the Clock Tower in Skegness to welcome in 2022.
Crowds gathered around the Clock Tower in Skegness to welcome in 2022.

The arrival of 2021 was a muted affair with the country in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plans for 2022 remained unsure almost up to the last minute due to growing anxiety about the Omicron variant - with 'off -on' announcements regarding the London fireworks and other events being cancelled.

But in Skegness, the Hive was determined those who ventured out should have a night to remember, enticing revellers with a £10,000 show of fireworks and clubs open until 6am.

New Year's Eve at the Clock Tower in Slegness.

Owner of the Hive Taj Bola shared the news with Lincolnshire World. Speaking before London decided to go ahead with their fireworks after all, but urging people to watch at home, he said: "Fireworks have been cancelled in London, fireworks have been cancelled in Edinburgh, but fireworks are still on in Skegness for the New Year.

"This is just the start of our plans for 2022. We want Skegness to become known as 'THE' events destination in the country and we are hoping the town's leading businesses will follow us in also sponsoring major events throughout the year to attract more visitors."

As the revellers around town finally went home to bed, older residents kept the party going on New Year's Day.

At Syne Hills Nursing Home, residents helped prepare a three-course meal 'with lots of bubbly' and celebrated the birthday of 103-year-old Florance Rapley. Once an acrobat for the Three Matas, she was joined by her family to celebrate the day.

Fireworks over the Hive in Skegness.

As well as a meal, residents also enjoyed chocolates and games.

Residents Gillian and Dylis said: “It was an excellent day and, in our condition, the staff really helped us enjoy it and take part in the day and everything, They were wonderfull."

Home manager Hayley Peace said: "I wanted to give the residents and the team the best day they all deserve, after the restrictions on seeing loved ones, outings, and entertainers able to visit.

"For their wellbeing, happiness, sense, and mental health, I would like to think it was a huge success from all the feedback 'such fun'.".

Revellers at the Clock Tower in Skegness.
The Clock Tower on New Year's Eve.
Revellers ready for the countdown.
Residents and staff enjoying the conga at Syne Hills Nursing Home.
A three course meal was enjoyed by residents of Syne Hills Nursing Home.
Florance Rapley celebrated her 103rd birthday.