Plans for solar farm near Gainsborough scrapped by developers

Developers of a large solar farm proposal have scrapped part of its plans to build on land between Clayworth and Gringley on the Hill.

Island Green Power are behind the Cottam Solar Project Limited and West Burton Solar Project Limited which are developing proposals for new solar and energy storage projects that would cross the county border between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Following two rounds of consultation the decision has been made to remove the West Burton 4 site from the proposals in its entirety as well as the proposed West Burton substation site, near Gainsborough.

A spokesman from Island Green Power said: “While the work to refine our proposals is still ongoing, we can confirm a number of design updates following the close of our phase two consultation.

The West Burton 4 site has been scrapped from the proposal

"West Burton 4 and the associated cabling infrastructure will be removed from the project in its entirety.

“We have reached this decision through considering the extensive consultation feedback we have received alongside a range of factors as part of our ongoing design refinement process.

"These factors include the advancement of the technical design for the solar project and the results from a range of environmental assessments.

“On balance, we have concluded that the West Burton Solar Project can be delivered without West Burton 4, and the removal of this site presents opportunities to improve the overall project.

“The West Burton Substation site area will also be removed from the project.

"This is due to the removal of the West Burton 4 site changing the requirements for the substation infrastructure in this location.

"Our team is now exploring how best to incorporate the energy storage and electrical infrastructure within the already identified West Burton 3 site area.”

These proposals have been met with hundreds of objections, including from Gainsborough MP, Sir Edward Leigh, and West Lindsey District Councillors, as this is just one of a number of solar farm projects proposed for the district.

Sir Edward Leigh said: “It is the height of insanity to take good land out of agricultural use in the middle of a global food crisis."