Police officer sings the praises of World Cafe scheme coming to Sleaford

A PCSO believes a new pilot scheme could empower communities ‘who really care about what’s happening on their doorstep’.

Sleaford's World Cafe. EMN-210209-161021001
Sleaford's World Cafe. EMN-210209-161021001

World Café events – which are designed to bring people together so they can discuss their needs, concerns, and opportunities for change – will be held at Sutton Bridge, Sleaford, Skegness, and South West Ward, Gainsborough in the coming weeks.

They have been created as part of our Mutual Gain Project, which you can read about in more detail here.

The event taking place at Sleaford’s Carre’s Grammar School at 11am on September 11 could be something special, according to PCSO Nicole Woolerton. The events are being led by Lincolnshire Police.

She said: “The fact that it’s going to be an informal meeting over tea and biscuits should make it a lot more approachable to people.

“It’s going to be a calm environment for people to come and share their thoughts about where they live.

“We want people who live and work in Sleaford to come – we know from speaking to people on the street that they really care about their community.

“And this is a great chance to bring about change through talking to each other.

“We are getting quite a lot of interest and we want anyone who has an opinion to come along.

“This will give people the chance to take some ownership over where they live and make the area better, together.”

Leader of the North Kesteven District Council, Coun Richard Wright said: “The World Café is going to be a big event and the aim is to harvest the thoughts of Sleaford area people about where they live and how things could be even better than they are already.

“There will be lots of coffee and lots of cake and people attending will write on tablecloths which will be gathered in at the end so the information can be coded and analysed.”

Marc Jones, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner previously said: “Supporting communities to be and feel safe is a priority for my office and any attempt to engage with those communities is to be supported.

“Solving problems and addressing issues will always have a better chance of success with a partnership approach and the world café project is an innovative proposal.”

To register for the Sleaford Speaks World Café event visit: http://ow.ly/ybBA50G2YKL

To say thank you for giving up some of your time, those who register, attend, and participate will receive a £10 incentive.

Go along and have your say about living in Sleaford!

What is a World Café event and how does it work?

They are a catalyst to help build networks and something called social capital – which relates to developing a culture of trust, shared values, care, and supportive networks.

Throughout the process of planning and delivery, the organisers will become aware of activities, projects, and services, hopefully, creative, innovative, challenging, and exciting, that may not have previously been highlighted.

World Cafés give the opportunity to listen and capture the experiences, insights, and thoughts of the community.

The ‘Café’ increases opportunities for networking and making connections, there are many examples in which groups established through this process have continued to prosper and create increased friendships, the most important aspects of the World Cafe.

On arrival at the World Café, participants will walk into a room that looks, smells, and sounds like a café.

They will be sat at tables with a trained facilitator, or table host, and will be asked a series of questions that relate to the purpose of the World Café.

At the conclusion of the day everyone will have voiced their concerns, worries and ambitions and begun the plan for change. The ‘World Café’ cannot just be ‘talk’, explains the organisers, it is the catalyst for community driven change.

The next stages are called participatory budgeting events. Where you as a community decide what you want to do, and how you want to spend your money.

The county lead and contact for this programme is [email protected] If you are a member of the community, elected member, business or just interested contact him on the above.