‘Possible disruption’ due to funeral cortège between Louth and Cadwell

Motorists are being told to anticipate slow-moving traffic between Louth and Cadwell Park on Thursday (September 30) due to a funeral cortège which is expected to feature a “very large number” of Lotus cars.
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Traffic news

Mark Armstrong, funeral director at Armstrong & Sons Independent Funeral Directors Of Louth, has warned of “possible disruption” on the A16 between the Brackenborough Hotel and Cadwell Park between 3.00pm and 3.20pm.

The procession will be taking place so that the deceased, Gerard Cobley from Holton le Clay, can pay one final visit to Cadwell Park.

Mr Armstrong explained: “When we set off from the Hotel to Cadwell Park, we expect a very large number of Lotus cars.

“The deceased was the head of the Lotus car club, and as such an estimated 30 Lotus (possibly other makes of car also) will be following our hearse to Cadwell Park for the gentleman’s last visit.

“His family has arranged a get together for his friends and family to say their goodbyes (at Cadwell Park) before the funeral, which takes place the following morning.”

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