‘Powering ahead and fighting back’ – Sleaford air cadets respond to Covid-19 with ‘fortitude and resilience’

Members of a youth military organisation in Sleaford have been praised for their ‘fortitude and resilience’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Air Cadets on parade on Remembrance Sunday.
Air Cadets on parade on Remembrance Sunday.

Through virtual training, bubbles and restrictions on the use of buildings, the 2160 Sleaford Air Training Corps has managed to stay in operation during Covid-19.

“Given the restrictions faced at various times, it is amazing how much of the normal cadet experience has been delivered over the last 12 months,” a spokesman for the organisation said.

The squadron is overseen by Flt Lt Karen Turner, who in her day job as an NHS professional has been at the forefront of the mass vaccination programme which began in December 2020.

Cooking skills on show in a session at the ATC centre in Sleaford.

Achievements in the past year have included: donations to the local food bank, including a vast number of Easter eggs; collections for the Royal Air Force Association and Royal British Legion; taking part in the Remembrance Sunday parade and service; and helping the Sleaford and District Lions Club bring Santa Claus to town last month.

The squadron says it is now ‘powering ahead’ with the training of new members and ‘fighting back’ with such activities as first aid training, glider familiarisation, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions, and the first summer camps in two years.

Flt Lt Turner said: “We know it’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, but I am proud of the fortitude and resilience shown by all members of Sleaford ATC; we’ve worked as a team and made every effort to ensure the RAF Air Cadet experience has been a positive one for our young people.”

* For more on the squadron, visit www.facebook.com/2160sqn

Gathering gifts for the food larder.
Glider training.