Procurement launched to bring enviro-crime enforcement across East Lindsey and beyond

South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership is launching a campaign against “enviro-crimes” across East Lindsey and its other areas.

Litter, dog-fouling and fly-tipping and other enviro-crime offences which blight communities are to be tackled with enforcement across the whole of the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership geographical area – which covers South Holland, Boston and East Lindsey District Councils’ areas.

A tendering process, which invites businesses to carry out enforcement across the three councils, has been launched across East Lindsey, South Holland and Boston for the first time, a key milestone for the Partnership, which will also be able to address enviro-crime head-on across each authority.

Following the completion of the process, the successful bidder will provide foot patrols and overt CCTV surveillance across the Partnership to tackle the issues of littering, dog fouling and fly tipping.

Officers will also be able to enforce offences in areas under Public Space Protection Orders.

Enviro-crime enforcement officers have also recently started in East Lindsey and CCTV surveillance has already proved successful in Boston at fly-tipping hotspots with incidents on a downward trend.

Now the scheme aims to share that best practice by introducing the measures across the Partnership.

The launch of the procurement process is a significant milestone for the Communities Directorate as set out in the Annual Delivery Plan.

Coun Martin Foster, Portfolio Holder for Operational Services at East Lindsey District Council said:

“I am very happy that Partnership working has led to this opportunity to help deliver a wider-approach to tackling enviro-crime across each authority.

“By working across the Partnership, the successful bidder will also help deliver our key education messages to all our residents no matter where they live over such things as fly-tipping and litter.”

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