Project plans for ‘blooming’ Rasen

Helping Market Rasen blossom - both in look and economy - is one of the main priorities for the Town Partnership Group this year.

Peter Harrold delivering the hanging baskets to businesses in the town last year - and he will be leading the project to get Rasen blooming even bigger this year EMN-210126-111716001

Last year saw a very successful hanging basket project. Now, organiser Peter Harrold has plans for bigger blooms.

He says he has been inspired by the work done at Caistor, where the town’s In Bloom volunteers plant and maintain a wide range of tubs and hanging baskets, along with some major feature item.

Peter said: “Last year, we had about 32 hanging baskets which was a great success.

“We purchased the baskets and Tower Nurseries did a great job planting them up, so I propose we do something similar this year.”

Peter continued: “Now I want to explore the idea of having some displays at the entrances to the town.

“This would make a real difference to the look of Market Rasen.

“I am always envious of what Caistor does with their cart at the top of the hill and various other things.

“I thought we could maybe have a wheelbarrow or one of those sweet carts, to represent a market stall, with flowering plants at each entrance to the town.”

Last year, hanging baskets were financed from contributions and donations, and it is hoped the additional items would be financed in a similar way.

Peter said: “People were very generous last year and I have already had three firms come forward to say they would look at sponsoring the new planters.

“Market Rasen Rotary Club did a marvellous job of watering the baskets last year, with the new bowser, and are willing to continue with that, but we could perhaps get more volunteers on board to help maintain the additional items.

“Maybe people who live nearby would be willing to water them”

The siting of any planters would need to be carefully considered to comply with highway regulations, and there are also considerations to be made as to ongoing maintenance.

Chairman of the Town Partnership group, Stephen Bunney said: “This could be a theme that is picked up through the town.

“If we are talking about the main entrances, we could maybe add three or four other places to that.

“I am not saying we could do it all in one year though !”

○ What would you like to see at the entrances to town?

Do you have an idea of how to make Rasen bloom?

Maybe you would be willing to offer some sponsorship?

Get in touch with us here at the Market Rasen Mail or call Stephen Bunney direct on 07506 188570