Purple flowers in Louth for Rotary’s polio campaign

The Rotary of Club of Louth has planted thousands of purple crocus bulbs around town, in support of the Rotary’s global campaign to eradicate polio.

Purple crocus plants at Spout Yard, which has had the best display in Louth this year

The Louth club members have planted the bulbs over the past few years to raise awareness of the ‘Purple 4 Polio’ campaign, and the wonderful displays can be seen at Spout Yard, St James Church, St Mary’s Triangle, and adjacent to the town’s cemetery on London Road.

The Rotary’s pledge for a polio-free world was made in 1985, when there were 125 polio-endemic countries and hundreds of new cases every single day.

Such is the success of the eradication programme that in the last few years, only two countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan – have reported cases of polio caused by the virus.

The reason for the purple theme is because, when a child receives their life-saving drops on mass polio immunisation days, their finger is painted with a purple dye so it is clear they have received their polio vaccine.

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