Purple lidded collections begin in West Lindsey

As collections of the new purple-lidded bins begin, people are being urged to remember the slogan: ‘right thing - right bin’.

Residents will start to present their new purple lidded bins - containing only paper and card board - at the kerbside in West Lindsey from this Monday, April 18.

As the first collections of the new twin recycling scheme get under way next week, West Lindsey District Council is taking the opportunity to thank everyone in advance.

They say many people have embraced the new separate paper and card collections and have asked lots of questions to ensure they are fully prepared for the roll out.

Purple lidded bins are for dry and clean paper and cardboard - not shredded, dirty or greasyPurple lidded bins are for dry and clean paper and cardboard - not shredded, dirty or greasy
Purple lidded bins are for dry and clean paper and cardboard - not shredded, dirty or greasy

Coun Owen Bierley, leader of West Lindsey District Council, welcomes the new purple lidded bin collections.

He said: “I’d like to thank all West Lindsey residents for their continuous hard work ensuring they are putting the right thing in the right bin.

“I understand that such a change is sometimes not easy.

“As separate paper and cardboard collections start, it is important to remember the new scheme is a significant step forwards for the district, as we move towards increasing our recycling rate and reduce levels of non-recyclable waste.”

As previously reported, West Lindsey is the third local authority to roll out a new twin stream recycling collection. Lincolnshire County Council has a countywide mission to roll out the new scheme across the whole of Lincolnshire by 2024.

Only dry and clean paper and cardboard should go in the new purple-lidded bin, eg frozen food boxes, newspapers, envelopes, magazines, junk mail, cardboard parcel packaging.

They should all go in loose and not bagged. Bins containing anything other than paper and cardboard will not be collected.

Paper and cardboard that has been shredded, become dirty or greasy, such as takeaway pizza boxes or fast food containers should go into your black bin, along with tissues and kitchen roll, cigarette packets and glittery or foiled wrapping paper/greetings cards, as they cannot be recycled.

This waste goes to the Energy from Waste plant, where it’s turned into electricity and fed back to the grid.

Coun Daniel McNally, executive member for waste at Lincolnshire County Council, said:“As the first paper and card collections start, please just take a second over the next few weeks to make sure you’re putting the right thing in the right bin, and helping to reduce contamination.”

If you are at all unsure, advice is to leave it out, and then check it out in the Right Thing Right Bin leaflet, or at www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/bins-waste-recycling/a-to-z-waste-disposal