Rase community praised for flooding response

The scene outside many homes this morningThe scene outside many homes this morning
The scene outside many homes this morning
Market Rasen’s mayor has praised the community after flash flooding hit the town yesterday.

Torrential rain poured down from around 5.30pm and within a matter of minutes roads were started to flood.

It wasn’t long before homes were also being affected and emergency plans were put into place with sandbags being distributed.

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This morning, the devastation can be seen and town councillors have been out and about assessing the issues and helping where possible, as well as reporting back to West Lindsey District Council.

Town councillors Margaret Lakin-Whitworth, Neil Taylor and Stephen BunneyTown councillors Margaret Lakin-Whitworth, Neil Taylor and Stephen Bunney
Town councillors Margaret Lakin-Whitworth, Neil Taylor and Stephen Bunney

Coun Stephen Bunney told the Rasen Mail: “It started to rain about 5.30pm and within 20/25 minutes it was quite clear the drainage system of the town was not able to cope with the quantity of water coming down and as a result it started to well up in the normal places – Waterloo Street, bottom of Union Street, John Street, Oxford Street, Dear Street and others.

"At first, it was about say six inches deep and the problem was cars coming along too fast and causing waves, with water going into properties.

After about an hour, the water was getting to the point where it was raising above door step level or air brick level and the water was getting into houses that way."

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However, the water continued to rise to well above knee level in a number of areas.

A number of people had to leave their homes and stay with relatives.

Coun Bunney continued: “I was incredibly impressed with the community, who came out and were putting dustbins and tape to try and stop people driving up and down while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

"When the emergency services did come, they did an extremely good job based down at the police station and there must have been four or five tenders pumping out – and it must have taken until gone midnight before the levels were down on the roads.

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"We are incredibly grateful to the likes of Travis Perkins who opened up at 8pm and were just handing out sandbags to people.

"it was good to see people in their cars picking up 10 bags, driving off and putting them in front of a number of properties.”

By about 6am this morning the water had gone down but it is estimated more than 100 homes and businesses have been affected in one way or another.

It is also clear to see where the water was, showing at 18 inches or more in some places.

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Coun Bunney said: “It was quite clear that a lot of water was coming down the hills, off Tesco’s car park, down the roads and new estates etc, but again it was just flash flooding and very difficult to stop that, but the system did not cope.”

This morning, West Lindsey has said any sodden waste from homes left on the roadside will be picked up free of charge. Building control is also coming out to look at a few houses.

Coun Bunney added: “This is good news, but the general message is if you have got insurance report it to the insurers as quickly as possible.”

Today, the church rooms in the town’s market place opened to offer support to those affected, offering hot drinks and a space to chat.

The council is co-ordinating information, which will be distributed via social media during the day.

More reports on how people have been affected will follow.