Rasen Rotary handover after a difficult but interesting year

A difficult year came to an end at the beginning of this month for last year’s president of Market Rasen Rotary.

David Herring, right, receives the book of press cuttings, recording his year in office, from incoming president David Mason
Picture Jo Bowman EMN-211007-072121001
David Herring, right, receives the book of press cuttings, recording his year in office, from incoming president David Mason Picture Jo Bowman EMN-211007-072121001

David Herring held the post during this past lockdown year, and presided over the only available meetings, namely those held on the Zoom platform.

Nevertheless, it was a successful year with a very full programme of speaker and business meetings.

As usual, Market Rasen Rotary was able to help the local and international community with financial grants, practical actions and help, and support for the needy, especially through the foodbank.

Jo Bowman and David Herring with the new sound system EMN-211207-145433001

David was presented with a book of around 55 press cuttings from the year, summarising the activity he so ably led.

He was also happy to receive a bottle of his favourite Rioja wine, suitably aged, as a token of thanks from his Rotary colleagues.

Rotary secretary Jo Bowman has been instrumental in ensuring as many Rotarians who wished to meet by Zoom were able to do so, not only setting up the Zoom platform, but ensuring the less IT competent were able to access the meetings from their phones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Jo was presented, by the outgoing president, with a certificate of appreciation for all his efforts which held Market Rasen Rotary together through these difficult times.

The certificate was supported by Rotary District 1220’s outgoing District Governor, who added congratulatory notes, and accompanied by a brace of bottles of Champagne from the club.

As the Rotary year came to an end, past president David Herring passed the ppresident’s regalia to the new president, David Mason, serving, as had David, for a second time as president.

David Mason is looking forward to getting back to ‘in person’ meetings as soon as the Covid regulations and conditions allow.

To support those who are not yet ready to meet in person, the club is, with Jo’s guidance once again, setting up the ability to Zoom out from their meetings.

The club is keen too to develop the experiences of the past year and be able to Zoom speakers in from anywhere in the world to provide a much wider range of topics to be covered and enjoy hearing how things are done in other countries .

In preparation for the future meetings, the Rotary Club has invested in a state of the art wireless sound system, to give the ability for everyone to hear clearly, and so be able to participate fully.

David said: “I am keen to increase Rotarian membership, and as meetings progress, hope more will join us to carry out the good and supportive work of Rotary and enjoy the fellowship that comes with that.

“As in the past, Rotary works because of the whole team effort behind it, and I am looking forward to the continued support from Jo, the excellent secretary, all the officials, committee chairs, the members, and our ppresident elect, John Moore, another long serving member, previous president, and son of a very early member of the club.”

Anyone interested in participating in the work of Rotary, can speak to any club member.

Alternatively, contact Peter Marriott on 07710 465 037.