Rasen shop leading way in recycling

A Market Rasen businesswoman is leading a recycling revolution and has been delighted with the response from customers ….. and passers by.

When Jenny Salvidge started collecting blister packets from tablets at her Queen Street shop – The Green Life Pantry - she was inundated.

The collection was part of an initiative run by high street chain Superdrug, who have also been overwhelmed by the volume of packets collected, so much so collections of large quantities had to stop.

Jenny said: “It is clear it was something people were keen on doing – and it is amazing how quickly a large collection can build up.”

Jenny Salvidge with some of the items collected at The Green Life PantryJenny Salvidge with some of the items collected at The Green Life Pantry
Jenny Salvidge with some of the items collected at The Green Life Pantry

Jenny has now been able to open up the collection again after teaming up with the town council to find a new outlet.

She said: “This is great news. They will now be going to MyGroup in Hull for mixing into their hard to recycle plastic wastes.

“There they are shredded and heat pressed into different sized boards to be used in the construction industry, or for making outdoor equipment, such as planters, tables, benches etc.”

This new outlet also means Jenny can expand collections.

She said: “Because they are mixed with other hard plastics, it means we can take in other items which would usually end up in landfill.

“So from now on, we can also accept used plastic toothbrushes and replacement heads, plastic inhalers and contact lens packaging.”

Reducing waste is something Jenny feels passionately about, as can be seen in her zero-waste eco-shop.

As part of the community recycling, there is also a collection point for old glasses and hearing aids, which are passed on to Market Rasen Lions Club, and used stamps, which go to the Bransby Horses charity.

There is even a bra bank, for bras in any condition.

Jenny said: “Usable bras are sent to charities in Africa, to be given to vulnerable women and girls, and those a bit worn are recycled, so nothing goes to waste. And the bonus is Against Breast Cancer UK receives money donations for every ton we collect.”

Jenny added: “I have to say, it did cause some double looks when I hung some in the window as part of Breast Cancer awareness week.”