Rasen Wolds speedwatch needs you

A Market Rasen councillor is leading calls to get speed back on the agenda as a new speedwatch partnership is launched.

Coun Stephen Bunney, who serves as county councillor for the Market Rasen Wolds division, as well as being Town Mayor and one of Rasen’s district councillors, says the A631 road remains ‘a major problem’.

The A631 runs through the centre of Market Rasen and a number of local villages.

Now Coun Bunney has encouraged local parish councils, parish meeting and town councils along the stretch of road in the division – from Glentham to North Willingham – to come together to ask Lincolnshire Road Partnership to grant permission for the Rasen Speed Watch partnership to become The Rasen Wolds Speed Partnership and work on sites all along the route.

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He said: “The number of accidents is high frequently – hardly a month goes by without the road being temporarily closed to traffic as the emergency services deal with an incident.

“Speed is a major concern, with vehicles failing to tackle the steep bends etc and skidding off the road.

“Speed is also a nuisance as the associated noise disturbs the peace of the area.”

While Coun Bunney has welcomed the recent repairs, rebuilding and upgrading of sections of the road as part of central government’s Safer Roads Fund, but believes this has created its own issues.

He said: “It has increased safety by reducing the risk of hitting potholes etc.

“Against this positive it has also introduced a negative loop, in that vehicles are travelling faster, adding to the general risks of driving on the A631.”

By getting the new speedwatch partnership up and running, it is hoped action can be taken to help address speeding.

David Bowns of North Willingham has agreed to co-ordinate and administer the group.

Now, volunteers are needed to help build the team and take the speedwatch group forward.

David said: “We have identified three potential sites within my village, within the 40 mph limit, which should enable us to monitor speeds in both directions at every location.

“So everything is looking good for North Willingham, but we need to keep the momentum and motivation going both here and further afield.”

He continued: “Volunteers will work in groups of three and the scheme will, hopefully, operate at least three sessions a week during the high traffic periods of the year.

“By drawing volunteers from a wide area, they can operate away from their home areas if they prefer. “

People interested in volunteering are asked to contact David by email at [email protected]
btinternet.com or Stephen Bunney on [email protected]

A meeting of volunteers will take place in The Festival Hall at Market Rasen on Tuesday, November 9, starting at 6pm.

Coun Bunney added: “As part of the Safer Roads work, alterations were proposed to the speed restrictions on the road but only in limited areas.

“I have, along with others - petitioned to extend these areas and also reposition speed cameras to more logical locations - but as yet nothing has happened.

“I am therefore delighted these parish groups have agreed to step up the campaign.”